21 Days Program

The program is especially designed for those who believe that happiness, relationship, success, wellness or wealth is not destiny but decision. Those who believe in their choices over their fate for leading an extraordinary life. This program is designed with different tools and technology based on proven scientific methods and same are tried and tested. […]

Love Building Program

It’s a one on one couple session who are facing some said or unsaid problems in their relationship or just desire to beautify their relationship. This program is meant for traditional spouses, newlyweds, career-oriented partners, homogeneous partners, same sex partners, religious spouses, cohabitants, live in partners, not yet married partner, long distance partners and divorced […]

Hand-Hold Coaching

This is Personal one to one session which helps you to re-imprint your subconscious patterns of fear, phobia, stress, anxiety, depression, disease, painful memories, lack of self-worth, lack of confidence, entangled relationship and addiction. These sessions will help you set your goals for happiness, health, wealth, relationship and success and fast track route to achieve […]

Group Workshop

This one day/two-day workshop is designed to re-imprint your life by changing your limiting beliefs. As a part of this workshop you will learn how our mind perceive any event and how negative sentiments override our lives. You learn to master your subconscious mind and thereby taking charge of your life. This workshop will be […]

MountainTop Performance Programming

As the name suggest Mountaintop Performance Programming is designed to enhance performance levels of an individual or a team. It is aimed for the students, businesspersons, corporates and individuals. The program guides in developing peak performance with confidence, super communication skills along with stress management.