About the Book


This book is dedicated to all the couples who are willing to beautify their marital relationship despite there being thousands of differences. The willingness to have a better relation is the first and the foremost step towards a healthy and loving relationship.

From past more than one decade the author as an advocate have met hundreds of couples either coming for marriage counseling or with their matrimonial dispute. In 90% of cases which the author has dealt personally and also witnessed in Family Court she says and believes that its sheer misunderstanding between the couples which has brought them before the judge. It gives immense pain to the author when she witnesses any couple seeking divorce without even giving a fair chance to their relationship. The author couldn’t do much except helping such couples legally. But somewhere this thought was always haunting her, pushing her to think out of the box to help the couples in not breaking their sacred relationship without working on the real cause for disagreement and ultimately filing a divorce. Considering the high rate of divorce in the country motivated her to take up alternate studies to help people beyond the legal periphery. After completing different modalities, she decided to reach out to those who are in the relationship not only married but otherwise also.

This book is based upon the relationship issues faced by the couples on day to day basis. The book contains each and every aspect of any struggling relationship and the simplest solutions to overcome those challenges of their relationship. This book has also covered almost all the scenario including the myths of marriage, which leads the relationship towards the end of it and have further discussed the role of each partner who are knowingly or unknowingly contributing to putting end to the relationship. A chapter has been dedicated to multiple strategic solutions to the problems arising in any relationship, which if followed can create miracles in the lives of the couples.

This book is a self-help book to achieve a desirable relationship with your loved one. The step by step tried and tested techniques given in the book will guide the reader to flourish their relationship. To follow the techniques the reader may need to put any little extra efforts in the beginning but the same shall soon become the part of your routine life, which means a loving relationship all the time.

Enjoy reading this book and strengthen your rocking relationship. Do not forget to pass on the book to your friends, you may not be aware that they might need it.

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