We all are living but our life gets its meaning when we have certain goals for it. It is not necessary that the goal should be career or business or health or money or etc. etc.; it could only be of keeping a smile on your face. But life becomes more meaningful when we give certain goals to it. We are leading our years, months, days, hours, minutes and each every second in fulfilling our goals. We think and we work towards the achievement of the desired goal. But whether the goal we desire is actually the goal we want. Then how can we evaluate the goal we have decided to be the desired goal is actually the desired goal??

Whatever goal we have in our mind start carving it. The steps to carve our goal is the skill, a skill which we all have already from ever but most of us have failed to recognize the same. Carve your goal by building FOCUS on your aim. Start focusing on your aim, look and evaluate each and every aspect of what you want to achieve. Create a comprehensive study for your goal by thorough research on your topic.

Once your goal is carved now it’s time to take decision. But once the goal is carved wasn’t that a decision? NO, a big no. Sometimes we confuse desire with goal. We believe that our desire is our goal, which is not true in every case. That is why evaluating the carved goal is the most important step towards the achievement of any goal. Evaluate how do you FEEL about your carved goal. Check the feelings you are getting about your so-called comprehensive study, if it is positive or negative, confident or confusing, achievable or doubtful? Your gut will never go wrong, your instinct, your subconscious mind will guide you in taking the correct decision as to whether the goal carved by you is the goal fit for you or it not your cup of tea.

Once your subconscious mind has given you a go it’s time to take ACTION. Whenever you are clear about your goal take immediate action, it’s like now or never. If you can’t start now, mind it you will never start later. Like I’m presently sitting in the Court waiting for my matter to reach but with my experience I could figure out that my matter won’t reach before half an hour, I FOCUSED on the topic on which I wanted to write the blog, after carving the same I FELT that this topic is worth sharing and I immediately took out my Laptop from my bag and took the ACTION. And here is the Desired Goal.

Hope this strategy of FOCUS=FEEL=ACTION will help you in deciding and achieving the Desired Goal. All the best. (BTW I’m done with the blog, but my matter has yet not reached)